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Josseline Josseline United States ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Osaka/Kyoto Tours ”

Kaori was an excellent guide. Even though it was raining, even though a couple of tour sites got cancelled she always had a Plan B for us and we had a great time regardless. She was great with the kids, they loved her. I would definitely recommend her since she’s an expert on Osaka and surrounding areas like Kyoto and Nara, etc.


Hello Josseline :) Thank you for your lovely review for me! Yes! During your stay in Osaka,,, it was G20 was going on and somehow we were not convenient for transportations,,,, however,,, I am very very happy with your kids Josh and Bea tried harder to make everything going well fo us!! I love them, too!! You and Monica, too! I know you are still in Japan and having new experience and possibly facing to difficulties,,, sometimes. Please feel free to ask when you need help!! LOVE! Kaori

Private Tours

Osaka Beginner`s Tour

(101) Reviews
by Kaori
-The most popular spot Osaka Castle and river cruise.-Nostalgic town ‘Shinsekai’ soul food Kushikatu and Doteyaki lunch.-Feel the vibrant city Osaka! Doton...
8 Hours US$ 306 up to 4 people

Explore! Discover! Osaka No.1 shopping district Tenjinbashi ...

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by Kaori
-Tour around Tenjinbashi which is the longest shopping arcade street in Japan 2.6km long! -Visit Osaka Museumof housing and living. Reappearance of Osaka ...
5 Hours US$ 244 up to 7 people

You are the LAST SAMURAI!

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by Kaori
LAST SAMURAI trails with real authentic Japanese sword!! Not only you can take part in  a real target blade-testing (goza-kiri) experience with an authe...
4 Hours US$ 195 per person