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Roberta Roberta United States ( Family )
3 months ago

“ Pleasant, relaxed, knowledgable, and attentive tour guide! ”

Hero was an excellent guide during our trip to Osaka! He is relaxed and was attentive to the interests of our small group. He took us to numerous local inexpensive eating spots, and helped us navigate the intricate train system. He is adept at conversational English and shared much with us on Japanese life and culture. He emailed suggestions for our later trip to Kyoto, as well. If you are looking for a pleasant, relaxed, and informational tour of Osaka (or Kyoto), Hero will not disappoint!


We started having 1 dollar Udon lunch. It was good start for foodie tour!! Roberta helped many Japanese students in USA as a host! So she already knew many Japanese life. Also her family could enjoy many kind of seafood, Japanese street foods and beers. So I was also happy to introduce my home county's foods. All of your family were easy going and respect Japanese custom and culture. Thank you very much for treating me many times and be gentle always. I hope to see you in USA someday!! Cheers!

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