Local Guide
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$ 36 Hourly rate
Elaine Elaine United States ( Family with kids )
4 months ago

“ Very accommodating!!! ”

Hero was awesome! He took the family around Osaka to try out street foods and keys sites. He was also very helpful when we needed a stroller for my son who got sick. He went out of his way to call people and find us one. He was very flexible and accommodating. He is also very fun to be around and easy going. We would highly recommend him! Thank you Hero!!!!


Thank you very much for writing kind reference. Your family was kind and followed my decision. So I could guide very smoothly. Also thank you very much for treating me many times at foods market and restaurant. I had great day with you. Thank you very much for hiring me. See you someday in USA.

Private Tours

Kyoto welcome tour

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by Hero
7h $ 329 up to 20 people

Shiga nature tour

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by Hero
8h $ 282 up to 3 people

Japanese foods introduction tour

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by Hero
3h $ 94 up to 15 people