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Suzi Suzi Australia ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Choosing a guide, optimises the best possible travel experience. ”

I cannot be more grateful for the time and experience that beautiful Hiroko gave to my mother and I. I was so blessed to have chosen a guide, that was caring for a mother the same age as mine (84) .Her instinctive nature and care was beyond what I could have ever imagined. Hiroko's patience and pace, extensive knowledge of the areas we visited were exemplary. Hiroko's knowledge of Japan gave me an everlasting joy of my time in Japan. Thank you Hiroko. I wish you well xx


Dear Suzi, Thank you very much for your kind, generous and touching review. It was my honor and pleasure to be with you and your mother for three days. I felt your deep love for your mother and your mother's trust in her daughter, and that had me try harder to make both of you happy during the tours. I wish you, your mother and your family all the best. I hope that we will see each other sometime in the future. Love, Hiroko