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Katiya Katiya United States ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ Yoshi made our Osaka tour the best day in Japan for us! ”

Yoshi is like a breadth of fresh air. He’s got a great attitude and personality - he made us feel like old friends! We booked him for 9 hours but he arrived early to our Kyoto hotel so we got a head start to our all day tour of Osaka. Our goal was to visit as many top attractions as possible and he kept us on task with our complex itinerary. We visited Osaka castle, temple, many geek stores (toy vehicles, electronics, parts, etc.), the longest shopping road in Japan, had some excellent local food along the way (Japanese seafood pizza/meatloaf over a skillet), walked thru 300 meters of so many variety of cherry blossom trees (our timing was perfect as the trees were at its peak), multiple connected shopping alleyways, and saw many beautiful river scenes. We appreciated Yoshi adjusting our itinerary to find us all of the geek stores as my husband collects quality toy cars so finding these stores was like hitting the jackpot for him. We highly recommend Yoshi to anyone who wants a fantastic and honest guide to tour Osaka or any of the nearby cities. He made transportation by train super easy for us and knew his way pretty well both by train and walking from one destination to another. We’ll be sure to message Yoshi again when we come back to Japan in the future! Thank you for the awesome Osaka tour - it’s now our favorite city in Japan!


Dear Katiya Thank you for your lavish praise. I did my best as a beginner guide. I want you to like Osaka and Japan. Have a nice trip.

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