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Jessamine Jessamine Philippines ( Family )
1 year ago

“ A Hero's welcome in Osaka ”

Our Osaka tour with Hiro was amazing. Even the restaurants he took us were all delicious, with a lot to choose from which made it enjoyable for everyone in the family (especially since not everyone likes raw food). He was also able to manage the last minute changes we had on our itinerary and made sure that we are able to cover as much as we can during the tour. He even made sure that we get to Nunobiki falls in Kobe (which we badly wanted). We really appreciate the information he was able to provide, be it about japanese cuisines/culture, to shrines and marine animals we saw at the aquarium. In addition to being a tour guide he's also a good photographer so you wouldn't have to worry capturing those candid moments. All in all, we truly enjoyed Hiro's company. He wasn't just our tour guide but he also became a friend.


It was a great honor to guide Jessamine family for 2 days. And there were surprising event also while I was guiding. I also did not know about John's surprise. I was like a Ivy. So I got a lot of happiness from all of you many times. You guys are such a warm family. Also I was happy many times due to your Japanese foods compliment. You love Kushikatsu, Sushi, Syabusyabu, Crab meat.... And now I really want to know Philippines local foods. I have had Philippine good banana and pineapple though. All of your family were very kind to me. So I was comfortable to guide for you. Thank you for appreciating my photos. Some photos were bad. But I hope your family will like it. Thank you very much again for hiring me!!Salamat po!!Kind regards, Hiroshi

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Shiga nature tour

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