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Susan Susan United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Funny and knowledgeable guide for Kyoto, Psaka, and Nara ”

My family travelled through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, with guides at every city. We were so lucky to meet Ichi-San on our last day. He studied in the US and UK so his English is very good- and also is a licensed guide who really is very knowledgeable about the city. Many of our other guides had a more limited level of knowledge- not sure if that is because there was a language barrier or they did not know the answers to our question, but Ichi had a deep knowledge of the culture and traditions of the region while keeping a modern and funny perspective of things. He pointed out all the typical touristy sights but also took us of the beaten path and showed us a glimpse of spots that locals enjoy. He has a very funny, dry sense of humor that made the city come alive in his descriptions. Between spots taught us Japanese, helped us to pick out interesting souvenirs, and even took us to a pharmacy to help us purchase cold medicine fot someone sick in our party. We all had a great time and wished that we had seen Kyoto with him. (I believe he guides through Kyoro, Nara, and Osaka). You will not be disappointed!! He really is “#1”!


Hello Susan, Thank you very much for taking a time to write a long review. I wish if I could have spent more time with you and your lovely nephews. Hope you have a great time at your next destinations. Wishing you a very happy new year to come, too!

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