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Mic Mic Philippines ( Family with kids )
2 years ago

“ Osaka private day tour (Osaka Castle, Katsuoji Temple, Aqua Liner, Umeda Sky Bldg) ”

Our family usually has a very busy schedule when we travel. Also, we have 4 children including a toddler. Takehiko, or Zumi which he wants to be called, was very helpful and pleasant. Our family had a great and comfortable time.


Dear,Mic. Thank you for your having had the service and message . It's a great joy to me to gain your compliments. The tour schedule was very tight because of Osaka Marathon,but otherwise we might have not experienced the night scenery of Osaka city. I wish your children a good luck ,why not you and your husband. I'm sure Dharma of Katsuoji Temple will bring you a great amount of good luck. ZUMI


KOYASAN ( Mt.Koya, Wakayama) are so kind for wheelchairs

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9h $ 702 上限为6 people

Nara, deerpark and an exstra large statue of Buddha

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Tasty Central KYOTO on your wheelchair

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Exciting Eastern Kyoto on your wheelchair

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6h $ 450 上限为6 people