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Francisco Francisco Canada ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ amazing Guide ”

Tremendously professional and capable guide with a fantastic demeanour and very accomodating to adapting our tour based on the physical ability of one person in our group. great sense of humour and highly qualified. we had people in our group of 6 who only spoke spanish and with Kaori speasking English and Spanish perfectly, it make the tour most enoyable fantastic personality and most gracious VERY impressed with her preparation for our tour. had all the information in hadna dn she actually did a trial run of one of the sites before we got there to ensure it would fit within our time avaiability. can not say enough about how much we enjoued the tour she provided and are convinced that our experience in Japan was enhanced by her involvement in our tour itinerarly


Holaaaaa! Francisco!! Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario!! Since you contact me, I was so excited to meet you! Because we are AMIGOs del CAMINO!! We spent such a funny livable time together!! I am very glad to guide you these 2days especially Himeji!! It was new experience for me, too!! Again! Thank you very much Francisco!! And please tell all your companies TENGA BUENA VIDA!! Xxx Kaorita ;)

Private Tours

Osaka Beginner`s Tour

(101) Reviews
by Kaori
-The most popular spot Osaka Castle and river cruise.-Nostalgic town ‘Shinsekai’ soul food Kushikatu and Doteyaki lunch.-Feel the vibrant city Osaka! Doton...
8 Hours US$ 307 up to 4 people

Explore! Discover! Osaka No.1 shopping district Tenjinbashi ...

(101) Reviews
by Kaori
-Tour around Tenjinbashi which is the longest shopping arcade street in Japan 2.6km long! -Visit Osaka Museumof housing and living. Reappearance of Osaka ...
5 Hours US$ 244 up to 7 people

You are the LAST SAMURAI!

(101) Reviews
by Kaori
LAST SAMURAI trails with real authentic Japanese sword!! Not only you can take part in  a real target blade-testing (goza-kiri) experience with an authe...
4 Hours US$ 195 per person