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ATSUKO Private Guide


I'm a well experienced guide and I could introduce you to anywhere, Kansai area. But not a big party,sorry. I prefer a small party,individual,couples or family. I could negotiate with you about your destination o, your wish or your budget. I'm interested in Japanese history, structures of the build... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 15 hours ago
Masahiro Private Guide


Hi, I'm Masa. Thank you for checking my profile! I was born and grown up in OSAKA. I know OSAKA and KANSAI in old and good days, and also know recent exciting KANSAI as well. The reason why I'm doing the guide is quite simple. I just want to be the best memory of your travel in Japan. Aft... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 46 minutes ago
Masaaki Private Guide


Hi there! I'm Masa. I am a nationally licensed tour guide. I just moved back to Japan, where I was born and grew up, after living in USA for 25 years. I'll show you what Osaka has to offer by walking around Shinsekai and Minami area, southern part of Osaka City, where you can find REAL Osaka. This i... read more

$ 20 Hourly rate
Last Active: 14 hours ago
NAOKO Private Guide


Hi everyone! My name is Naoko:) Welcome to Japan & Thank you very much for checking out my profile. I’m originally from Osaka, worked a sales representative at trading company for 8 years. When I was studying abroad in England and USA, people helped me when I got in troubles and I had cultura... read more

$ 34 Hourly rate
Last Active: 2 hours ago
Michiko Private Guide


Hi! I'm Michiko. Please call me Michiko or Mitchy. I'm a National Government Licensed Guide. I was born in Japan and since then have lived in Osaka. I have another job as a dentist and have worked in a dental clinic in Kyoto for more than 10 years. Osaka and Kyoto are my hometown and have many beau... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
When would you like to have a tour? Select your tour date to find available guides.
Yasuhisa Private Guide


I have worked in the multi-national organizations including UN agency for around 30 years and stationed at various cities including Rome, Bangkok and Hanoi. Although I have retired from those international carriers, I wish to keep the international cooperation and develop the friendship with people ... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
Zizo Private Guide


I am a traveller and a photographer too, (I can provide the professional photo-shoot for free ) I studied Japanese; language, mythology and culture. I helped many tourists and friends to find the hidden gyms off the beaten bath in Kansai area, namely; Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. If you're looking for... read more

$ 90 Hourly rate
Miwako Private Guide


Hi! I'm Miwako, a national licensed English-speaking tour guide. Miwako literally means beautiful Japanese child. But please call me Olive! I have a funny story why I’m called Olive, which always makes foreign tourists laugh. If you have a chance to join my tour, I’ll tell you about the reason. ... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
When would you like to have a tour? Select your tour date to find available guides.

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