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Rio Private Guide


Hello! I'm a humorous tour guide of 100% Osaka local.Please call me Rio. I can take you to the places which only foreign tourists are too difficult to visit or find out. As a certificated famous tour guide, I will give you a good memories and fresh discoveries during your Japan journey. I'm a pr... read more

$ 32 Hourly rate
Last Active: 16 hours ago
Ikumi Private Guide


Hi, I'm Ikumi, recently registered in TripleLights. I myself enjoy traveling and the dinamic of travel for me is to mingle with local people and glance their culture. I also like challenge new cuisine^^ So my trip concept (plans) will be different from typical ones. I hope to make your trip me... read more

$ 20 Hourly rate
Last Active: 13 hours ago
Miwako Private Guide


Hi! I'm Miwako, a national licensed English-speaking tour guide. Miwako literally means beautiful Japanese child. But please call me Olive! I have a funny story why I’m called Olive, which always makes foreign tourists laugh. If you have a chance to join my tour, I’ll tell you about the reason. ... read more

$ 29 Hourly rate
CHUJI Private Guide


Hi! I’m “Chuji” Beppu. I’m a “National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter” from Feb. 2018. The reason why I got this license is very simple. I would like to welcome foreign tourists by my genuine hospitality! My home town was Osaka and I spent college days in Hikone(Shiga prf.), famous ... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
Hide Private Guide


Hello, I'm Hide, a National Certified Tour Interpreter. I'm new here!!! Shall we explore Japan together ? I was born in Sapporo city, Hokkaido island. In winter, we would play a snowball battle in my neighborhood. My elder sister would always win. So, I became a cyclist. My elder siste... read more

$ 34 Hourly rate
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Yoshi Private Guide


 My name is Yoshi, alias known as "Lonesome Cowboy", who used to live and work in El Paso in the Lone Star state of the US. During my stay there, I was able to enjoy opportunities to go around the Southwest (TX, NM, AZ, UT, CO) alone, taking advantage of given long holidays. The total distance I dro... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate
Yoshiharu Private Guide


Hi! I'm Yoshiharu. Please call me Yoshi. Yoshi means "good" in Japanese! I'm a good man (^^);;;. I was born in Kyoto but I lived there 3 months. Then my family moved to Osaka and I grew up in Osaka. So I am almost Osakan. When I was young, my hobby was traveling by bicycle. I went cycling around ... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Chikako Private Guide


Hi! I am a local and love to visit temples, shrines and gardens. Although a high school by grade, I have spent a couple of years providing guided tours of Kyoto to small groups. Depending on your interests, I provide many different types of tours such as cycling tours, tea ceremony experiences,co... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
Zizo Private Guide


I am a traveller and a photographer too, (I can provide the professional photo-shoot for free ) I studied Japanese; language, mythology and culture. I helped many tourists and friends to find the hidden gyms off the beaten bath in Kansai area, namely; Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. If you're looking for... read more

$ 89 Hourly rate
SHIGEKI Private Guide


Hello !!! I'm a government certified tour guide. I'm from Kyoto. I'm positive, active and full of curiosity with a sense of humor. I majored in the international commerce in the university and I worked for an electronics company as a sales person. During my career, I had a chance to live in Europe... read more

$ 45 Hourly rate
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