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Debra Debra Australia ( Family )
1 year ago

“ OkinawA our way ”

Tateo was great .He arranged for our visits to the sites so we could see all the cultural performances. We were able to change things as we went. And Tateo worked miracles getting us to 4 different places in our limited time


Hi, Debra Thank you very much such a good evaluation. Your fast action made it possible to go around a lot. I am happy , I was able to introduce Okinawa a more. There is a place that I wanr to guide more.Please come again by all means. Send my best regard to your husband and sister in law. Thanks Tateo

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Best of Okinawa

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by Tateo
A unique history and culture that related Kingdom era with present times. You can find and enjoy lively Okinawa and time-honored Okinawa.
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The memorial World War 2 & Okinawa World

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by Tateo
This tour will present you the facts of grand battle of the Okinawa The World War 2. Photographes, artifacts, and film will testify cruelty of the war. The...
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