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miriam Miriam United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Okanowa and war ”

He was very prompt and caring and watched over as well. I would suggest skipping Okinawa world and spending more time at the peace memorial.


Hi,Miriam Thank you for a mail. It was nice to enjoy a trip together. I am also relieved that It was good without any accident. Your journey still has been going on, please enjoy your trip until it ends, send my best regard to your member. Thanks

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Best of Okinawa

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by Tateo
A unique history and culture that related Kingdom era with present times. You can find and enjoy lively Okinawa and time-honored Okinawa.
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The memorial World War 2 & Okinawa World

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by Tateo
This tour will present you the facts of grand battle of the Okinawa The World War 2. Photographes, artifacts, and film will testify cruelty of the war. The...
6 Hours US$ 226