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Hello , my future guests . My name is Kahoko . I live in Tokyo over 30 years with my family , one husband and two kids . I used to work in an airline as a cabin attendant . Naturally , I may have visited your countries myself as you do now . I c...

Response time: 2 hs
Hourly rate
$ 36.00
8 2 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 30.91


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I've got the license of tour guide in English in 2013. Since then I attended a volunteer group which is providing a tour in the Imperial Palace East Gardens which used to be Edo castle. I guided more than fifty times in the garden as a volunteer a...

Response time: 4 hs
Hourly rate
$ 27.00
18 4 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 23.03


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Hello, I'm Michiko. I was born and grew up in Shinjuku, Tokyo, so I know the city very well.I may guide you to must see sites in Tokyo, such as Sensouji temple in Asakusa, Meiji shrine, Imperial Palace, etc. Also, I will accept your special requests...

Response time: 8 hs
Hourly rate
$ 29.70
3 8 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 28.90


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Hello! I am Takako Takata. I was born in Kyoto and grew up in other several districts in Japan where I was attracted by each place's feature. I started the tour guiding in 2009 in which I introduce interesting and unique spots to tourists. I love to...

Response time: 5 hs
Hourly rate
$ 30.00
1 5 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 30.00


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こんにちは Hello I'm Atsuko. I am a national certified tour guide. I used to work for Virgin Atlantic Airways as a flight attendant. I lived in London UK three years and Portland Oregon USA a year to study travel and tourism. I live in Toky...

Response time: 8 hs
Hourly rate
$ 36.00
5 8 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 37.65

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