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Merhunisa Merhunisa Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Not good guide at all ”

We were 2 days with him in Tokyo, and Nikko. 1. He dont knows to explain about history, just few sentences for each places. 2. He dont know places, where to go, and what to see 3. when we kame to some place, first, he was searching for this place. like I could by myself, and then he told us where to go. I could this do alone, by myself.


Hi Merhunisa Although I try to good for people from the Balkan, it is regretful to hear from you such opinion. If you felt that way, then, I must apologize to you about this and I must be careful this will not happen again. There were two things that you did not like 1. You though my guiding narration is not enough You thought my guiding narration is very less compared with narration of Japanese guide for Japanese tourist. They are mostly talking about things that related to the place and only Japanese people can understand. Something like, the famous TV dram was film in here and talking about some person not historically important, and so on. Not much related to history. I tried to speak important things, and for avoiding confusion and misunderstanding, I speak simple way so that you can easily translate to your people. I do not think that I missed important historical aspect. 2. Locating sites I could not easily find the entrance of the shrine. I have been guiding Nikko for three times. I came here only by tour bus and I know the way from the car parking place to the site. We went there by public transportation and then I lost my direction. In the Ueno station, it was my mistake that I could not advise you the way to go. It was not easy way to tell you and I had a half of people with me to send to the hotel. All I could say to you was that go up to the surface near JR Ueno Station and use Google map to guide you. I even could not say that. I really apologize about this. Thank you for your opinion to improve my guiding quality. Have nice trip to go back. Mac (Masatugu) Okazaki .

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