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karleen Karleen United States ( Friends )
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1 year ago

“ Our day in Murakami with fujiko ”

i gave fujiko a list of places we were interested in visiting and she was able to include all of them in our walk in murakami. we also got to eat the murakami beef and their salmon for lunch and we enjoyed ithem. fujiko also introduced to some traditional shops where we could buy some food souvenirs. we really enjoyed our day in Murakam with Fujikoi.


Dear Karleen Thank you very much for the encouraging review of the Murakami tour. The weather was not good enough and I thought we walked a little longer and you might be a bit tired. But all in all you enjoyed the tour and local taste of Murakami which makes me really happy! In Japan, after ohanami, we enjoy seeing fresh green, flowers in gardens and early summer sky. Please say hello and thank you to everyone and hopefully see you again somewhere in Japan. Domo arigatogozaimashita! Fujiko

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