Licensed Guide
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US$ 39 Hourly rate
STEPHEN STEPHEN United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Interesting time and informative ”

We focus on history and off the grid local spots. Mutsuko was very knowledgeable and well spoken. Trip timing and planning was exceptional. It was great!


Steve san, Thank you for your great feedback. You two are energetic and curious about things in town. I enjoyed guiding you around the city on such a beautiful spring day! Please enjoy the rest of your trip. I am looking forward to guiding you again.

Private Tours

Gondola Ride to Mt Yahiko Top and Yahiko Shrine Visit

(3) Reviews
by Mutsuko
Visitors can enjoy the hike to the top of Mt Yahiko by gondra and a 15-minute walk to the very top of the mountain to visit the uppermost Yahiko Shrine. P...
8 Hours US$ 283 up to 6 people

Northern Culture Museum, Tsukioka and Fukushimagata Wetlands

(3) Reviews
by Mutsuko
Visitors can visit the large former Ito Family residence (Northern Culture Museum), and soak their feet in outdoor hot bath in Tsukioka. Please enjoy tas...
7 Hours US$ 248

Central Niigata City 1-Day Tour

(3) Reviews
by Mutsuko
You are to visit highlights of Niigata City in 6 hours using public transportation and taxi. Choose 5 spots to visit.
6 Hours US$ 228

Shibata Castle and Central Shibata

(3) Reviews
by Mutsuko
Visitors can take the beautiful view of Shibata Castle, and feel the ambience of the castle town by walking along the streets. Please choose 6 spots to v...
7 Hours US$ 248 up to 6 people

Local Dish Cooking Lesson and 3 Hour City Trip

(3) Reviews
by Mutsuko
This tour provides visitors with an unforgettable experience by making and tasting local dishes with Niigata Koshihikari rice for lunch and city sightseei...
6 Hours US$ 124 up to 6 people