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Fujiko Private Guide


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Hello! My name is Fujiko Maeda. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I was born in Sado Island, off the coast of Niigat... read more

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Hi,everyone! I'm Sayuri, born in Niigata where is beautifully snowy place and living in Kanagawa, full of sightseeing spots now. I've been worked at a travel agent for more than 10 years and it's my pleasure to help tourists to make their travel plan!All the things you see and experiences during... read more

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Hello, my name is Yoshiko Khan. I was born and brought up in Niigata. As we have high mountains, plains, clear rivers, the sea of Japan and islands, you can enjoy diversity of nature and its blessings in each season. Dubbed as a snow country, very patient people in this prefecture have produced m... read more

$ 30 Hourly rate
Yasushi Private Guide


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Hi, I'm Yasushi, a licensed tour guide in Niigata. Perhaps, you may not have visited Niigata before. It’s a place ... read more

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Obtained my National Guide License (English) in 2010. In the past, have lived outside Japan for the total of 12 years ... read more

$ 30 Hourly rate
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National licensed English tour guide (born in 1977). Main job is freelance book editor and writer based on Kyoto. Utilizing various past works and articles from historic spots, off the beaten track, traditional crafts, contemporary arts to hip restaurants, I offer unique and interesting tour. Since ... read more

$ 20 Hourly rate
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