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Cheryl Cheryl United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Knowledgeable, patient, and flexible ”

We hired Toshihiro to be our guide for three of the five days we were in Tokyo and he made our trip wonderful! He emailed us beforehand to find out the things we were interested in and made itineraries for each day. We changed two of the itineraries, however, during the day, as we discovered new things that seemed like fun to do. He was very flexible when this happened. We would discuss the things on the itinerary that we wanted to keep and those we wanted to change. You do need to let him know how much money you want to spend on entrance fees, though, or he will only take you to free attractions. For example, we went to the Kabuki Theater and saw the outside, but we told Toshihiro that we wanted to go inside and were willing to pay the entrance fees. Then, we were able to interact with the props and see a great movie about how the Kabuki Theater is changing to attract younger audiences. It was all in Japanese, but Toshihiro translated for us. He made getting to places easy and we saw many more things than on the days when we did things on our own. We can recommend him without reservation.


Dear Cheryl-san, Thank you for the excellent tour review. I am happy to hear that your Tokyo trip was wonderful. I am surprised that you and your two granddaughters are very familiar with Japanese culture. Your two granddaughters are learning Japanese seriously and speaking basic conversations. It was my honor to do a guide for such wonderful people. You showed interests not only Japanese animation which are hobby of your granddaughters but also traditional ones like Japanese garden and Kabuki. It was my first time to enter into Kabuki theater. This was important experience for me. You purchased not only anime character goods but also Japanese Kimonos with sashes even for another granddaughter in US. You must be a great grandmother. I am sure that your grandchildren are very happy to have a grandmother like you. I hope that you and granddaughters come to Japan again in a few years, and I guess that I will be surprised with great progress of their Japanese skill. Thank you very much for a lot of supports during the tour. Best regards, Toshihiro


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