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  • Kaori Private Guide


    (53) Reviews

    Kon-ni-chi-wa. Hello! I'm Kaori, having lived in Tokyo for 20 years since I got married with a photographer. I'm origin... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 8 hours ago
  • Mari.K Private Guide


    (74) Reviews

    “ICHI-GO, ICHI-E” meams “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.” The concept is commonly associated with Jap... read more

    US$ 34 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 10 hours ago
  • Hiroki Private Guide


    (51) Reviews

    Hello everyone!! I’m Hiroki,national licensed guide interpreter focusing on offering tours on the subject of hidden Jap... read more

    US$ 29 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Junzo Private Guide


    Bonjour! Je m'appelle Junzo, appelez-moi Junzo. Je suis un Guide-Interprète National en français. Je suis un ancien boursier du Gouvernement Français et faisais la recherche du physique de solide au Centre d'Etude Nucléaire de Fauntenay-aux-Roses. J'ai très bon souvenir sur la France. C'est ... read more

    US$ 25 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Yoshihisa Private Guide


    (13) Reviews

    Hi, my name is Yoshihisa. Please call me Yoshi. I am a government registered official licensed guide. I am flutent in En... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 22 hours ago

    Welcome to Japan. I’m a National licensed Tour Guide. I’m HISAKO. I’m from Tokyo. Japan starts the one year countdown to the opening of the Tokyo Games .Tokyo dresses up for the Olympics . Great Tokyo has a population of more than 35 million- the world‘s largest metropolitan area. The Olympics wi... read more

    US$ 35 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 23 hours ago
  • Kozo Private Guide


    Hello! I'm Kozo. I'm currently living in Chiba, which is one of the biggest cities in Japan and located in the suburbs of Tokyo. So, I can guide you to the sightseeing spots in Tokyo and the suburbs, which include Asakusa, Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and more. In those places, you can experie... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 8 hours ago
  • Toshihiro

    (150) Reviews

    Hello. Thank you for your interest in Japan. I am a tour guide living in central Tokyo area. My hobby is travel, taki... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 8 hours ago
  • Noriko Private Guide


    (10) Reviews

    Since I was born in a family of Buddhism priest, reiligion is just a part of everyday life to me. Please feel free to p... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
  • Dai

    (171) Reviews

    Hi, I'm Dai. I'm a national licensed tour guide for foreign visitors. I've been backpacking around the world for the ... read more

    US$ 38 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 9 hours ago
  • Masato Private Guide


    (39) Reviews

    Hi, everybody, My name is Masato. It's my great pleasure to introduce you Japanese history, culture, delicious food... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • Eizen Private Guide


    Hello! Bonjour! I am EIZEN, a English/French/Japanese Guide-Interpreter. Let me help you find out irrestible charms of Japan, a mysterious country where the old traditional style and top-notch technology coexist !! Aven moi, on va trouver des charmes irrésistibles du Japon, un pays mystérieux ... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 9 hours ago
  • Tracy Private Guide


    Hello, I am Tazuko, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English. My first name is Tazuko that is hard to remember for visitors from abroad, so I would like to be called as Tracy (my middle name) . I lived abroad for 10 years including 9 years in the United States (California and... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate

    (4) Reviews

    Hi! My name is Yasuhiko Ikeda, your CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer). Please just call me "Yasu", meaning "hello" in Gr... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
  • Hideaki Private Guide


    (20) Reviews

    Hello! I’m Hideaki. Just call me “Mura” or “Mura-san”. “San” means “Mr.” or "Ms." in Japanese. I have a national tour ... read more

    US$ 30 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 7 hours ago
  • Christophe

    (1) Reviews

    Hi!! Bonjour!! こんにちは!! Je m’appelle Christophe. Enchanté. Je fais le guide en Français, Anglais ou en Japonais. J... read more

    US$ 31 Hourly rate
  • Hiroyuki Private Guide


    (20) Reviews

    As I am a 61 year old man, born in Tokyo, graduated from a university in Tokyo and worked for a leading paper wholesale ... read more

    US$ 28 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 13 hours ago
  • Nobu Private Guide


    (68) Reviews

    Hi, I am Nobu, a national certified tour guide. My main areas as a guide are Tokyo and its Suburbs including Nikko, H... read more

    US$ 40 Hourly rate
  • Junichi Private Guide


    (1) Reviews

    I'm a licensed English Speaking Tour Guide. I'd like to let you go on a walking tour in Tokyo or Tokyo's neighboring areas. Walking around Tokyo might add good memories to your trip. It's a private group tour in English which is provided by the licensed tour guide. read more

    US$ 29 Hourly rate
  • NOBUYUKI Private Guide


    (24) Reviews

    Hello, My name is Nobuyuki Usami (call me Sammy), a national licensed guide in English. I was born and grew up in Ichi... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
  • Toshi Private Guide


    (38) Reviews

    (English)  ↓Spanish version down below ↓ My name is Toshi Nakahara. I am certified tour guide for both English and... read more

    US$ 41 Hourly rate
  • Maru Private Guide


    (95) Reviews

    ☆中文版在下面,请参考一下☆ Hello. I was raised in several places, such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, Osaka, and Nagoya. After my... read more

    US$ 39 Hourly rate
  • Hiroshi Private Guide


    (8) Reviews

    Hello, I am guchi ( same pronunciation as gucci), English guide. I used to live in Long island in New York. It was beati... read more

    US$ 28 Hourly rate
  • Fumi Private Guide


    Born and bred in Tokyo I am still living in the suburbs of Tokyo. I spent several years in the U.S. and the UK and wanted to show international visitors around Japan in return for the hospitality I had received in foreign countries. After coming back from the UK, I obtained the qualification of th... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
  • Masaharu Private Guide


    (63) Reviews

    Hello, My name is Masaharu. I am the National Licenced Tour Guide and Interpreter in English. I used to stay in London... read more

    US$ 45 Hourly rate
  • Shin

    (4) Reviews

    Hello!! I’m Shin. Thank you for checking my profile. I’m a National Goverment Licenced Guide Interpreter. I have been li... read more

    US$ 28 Hourly rate
  • Yuuji

    (2) Reviews

    Welcome to Japan! I'm good with Tokyo area, Mt.Fuji and other Kanto region. Also I love Japanese food including not only... read more

    US$ 16 Hourly rate
  • Kazuharu Private Guide


    Hola y sea bienvenidos a Japón. Soy Kaneda y les invito a compartir con las mejores experiencias en Japón, en especial en Tokio y sus alrededores. Estoy seguro de que mi variedad de vida en los países latinos se podrá ayudar para profundizar su gusto e interés a la cultura y la vida del Japón. He... read more

    US$ 28 Hourly rate
  • Daisuke Private Guide


    I have been in Tokyo(downtown side) since I was born. For three years I have traveled in 57 countries and worked in Bolivia for a year. When I traveled in Maya's ruin, I was really impressed that my guide told me not only the information about the ruin but also how to live in Guatemala, how to ear... read more

    US$ 46 Hourly rate
  • Shoichi Private Guide


    Hi, I'm Shoichi. Please call me Sho! I was born in Hyogo prefecture, next to Osaka, but I have been living in Kanagawa prefecture for 54 years. The city where I live is located near by an old capital city Kamakura, the city of the first Samurai Government. I have taken many foreign tourists to Kam... read more

    US$ 46 Hourly rate

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