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Nara 5hour Half dayTour ; Seeing & Tasting are Believing !

(28) 口コミ
Nara is the first place of Capital in Japan and remains many historical places back to the 8 centuries. Seeing and Touching by yourself are must items to ...
5h ¥‎ 19,000 4人まで people

In search for the birth place of the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutsu Scho...

(77) 口コミ
Nara is a birth place of the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutu School of spearmanship. It was founded by Kakuzenbo Hoin In-ei who was a Buddhist monk of Kohfukuji Temple i...
7h ¥‎ 20,370 5人まで people




(103) 口コミ
I have been an Interpretive Tour Guide for 20 years. I have lived in Japan for 17 years. I provide private and semi-private interpretive guiding services f...
¥‎ 4,800 ー時間あたり料金


(76) 口コミ
Hello! My name is Kaori. When I was young I was interested in tourism. I was studying and working as tour conductor around Kanto area in Japan. I li...
¥‎ 4,074 ー時間あたり料金


(88) 口コミ
Hi. My name is Yoshihisa. Call me "Yoshie", please. It means good or O.K. in Japanese. I live in Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, located just in between...
¥‎ 4,074 ー時間あたり料金


(30) 口コミ
Hello, this is Yumiko!! I welcome you all from all over the world. I myself love traveling and so I understand what travelers want. I also want to be ...
¥‎ 3,565 ー時間あたり料金


(77) 口コミ
Hi,I'm Hiroyuki Fukui. Please call me Hiro. I'm a government certified guide interpreter. I'm originally from Gifu Prefecture located in Central Japan an...
¥‎ 3,600 ー時間あたり料金


(133) 口コミ
I was born and raised in Kyoto.Kyoto has a lot of things to see and experience. Kyoto is an ancient city with a lot of world heritage. I am happy to show ...
¥‎ 3,259 ー時間あたり料金


(57) 口コミ
Hi I'm Kenji I have a government license of tour guide interpreter in English. I was born and raised in Kyoto, an old capital of Japan over one thousand ...
¥‎ 3,972 ー時間あたり料金


(2) 口コミ
Hi I'm Jun, a Licensed English Guide. I love outdoor activities. I'm not an expert climber though, I enjoy hiking and climbing moderate mountains. I live...
¥‎ 3,870 ー時間あたり料金


Nara, deerpark and an exstra large statue of Buddha

(25) 口コミ
Nara was an ancient capital of Japan just for 80 years in the 8th century. But it played an important role in Japanese culture a lot. Daibutsuden housin...
8h ¥‎ 66,204 7人まで people

Kyoto and Nara sightseeing with a private chartered van and ...

(102) 口コミ
You can plan to visit several places around Kyoto and Nara within a limited time with our van. Our commuter can accommodate a group of up to 18 people and ...
8h ¥‎ 76,389


Work Shop "Wood Engraving"

In this tour, you can learn the woodwork sculpture of a tradition technique handed down with landmark architectures and cultural assets in Kyoto and make a...
3:30h ¥‎ 29,450