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Nara & Osaka 1-day Tour

(40) Reviews

Visit Nara and Osaka must-see sites in one day including Nara "deer" park, Great Buddha at Todaiji Temple, Osaka Castle, and Dotonbori for the evening. Tour itinerary is flexible so you can focus on o... read more

by Seiko
8h $ 248

Nara Sightseeing & the World of Buddhist Statuary

(49) Reviews

Through this tour you will be intrigued with the charm of Buddhist statuary, which represents people's wishes and prayers. Figures of statues vary according to the development of eras from Asuka peri... read more

7h $ 252 up to 5 people
Walk along Emperor's Roads in Nara

Walk along Emperor's Roads in Nara

(45) Reviews

For Japanese Nara is the hometown of Japanese soul. As the first capital, it prospered to the highest. Full of historic places, temples and shrines, Nara is what is called a treasure place of histor... read more

by Masaki
8h $ 243 up to 6 people

Nara & The Secret Shrine of Omiwa & Sake Tasting

(10) Reviews

This is in NARA PREFECTURE. The oldest SHRINE in ALL OF NARA, OUTSIDE OF NARA CITY. This amazing tour gives you over 2,600 years of history, 4 Shrines, a local swimming somen noodle lunch, a local Nar... read more

by Richard
10h $ 198 up to 6 people

Experience Serene Atmosphere of Ancient Capital of Nara

(31) Reviews

Nara was an acient capital of Japan and still retains serene atmosphere in Nara Park. There are three famous historic sites in Nara city including Todaiji Temple, Kohfukuji Temple and Kasuga-taisha Sh... read more

1 day $ 180 up to 6 people
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Nara and Osaka in One Day

(14) Reviews

In the morning, we will be visiting Nara, the ancient capital city of Japan before Kyoto. In the afternoon, we will move to Osaka, the vibrant center of Western Japan. You can feel two different f... read more

by Toichi
8h $ 180 up to 5 people

In search for the birth place of the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutsu School of spearmanship

(31) Reviews

Nara is a birth place of the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutu School of spearmanship. It was founded by Kakuzenbo Hoin In-ei who was a Buddhist monk of Kohfukuji Temple in Nara dating back 450 years.It is said that ... read more

7h $ 180 up to 5 people

Nara Golden Route (Todaiji, Kofukuji, Kasuga Shrine)

(77) Reviews

Nara was the Imperial capital of Japan between 710 and 784 A.D. The city has many places of historical interest including Nara Park, Todaiji temple, Kasuga shrine, and Kofukuji Temple. The Great B... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 270 up to 30 people

Nara Palace site, Yakushi-ji, Toshodai-ji , and Saidai-ji Temples

(77) Reviews

Nara was the Imperial capital of Japan between 710 and 784. The city has many places of historical and artistic interest including the Nara Palace site, or the Heijyokyu remains, Yakushi-ji Temple, To... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 270 up to 30 people

Horyuji Temple, Chogosonshi-ji Temple

(77) Reviews

I would like to show you around temples closely associated with the introduction of Buddhism. I recommend Horyu-ji Temple located in the northern part of Nara Prefecture.  It is the oldest wooden s... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 270 up to 30 people

Nara Asuka Temple, Ishibutai, Takamatsuzuka Tomb

(77) Reviews

The Asuka Period covers about 100 years from the end of 6th century until the the Nara Period(710) starts. The Asuka Period saw Japan emerge from the Tumulus Period with the introduction of Buddhism ... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 270 up to 30 people

Explore the best of Nara

(3) Reviews

Tour itinerary: 9:00 Meeting at the pickup place 10:15 Arriving Nara station 10:30 Nara deer park walk 11:30 Todaiji temple 12:30 Kasuga Shrine 13:30 Lunch and shopping in Nara 14:00 Back t... read more

by Ahmed
5h $ 180 up to 20 people

Nara Hohryu-ji, Great Buddha and Deer Tour

(1) Reviews

Hohryu-ji temple, located in Southwest of Nara city, was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1993. We will visit this historic temple first. Then we will move to Nara city to see... read more

by Toshi
8h $ 230 up to 5 people
Nara Takisaka Trail Hike

Nara Takisaka Trail Hike

One day hiking from the north-east of Nara to the center of Nara city. Walking through the forest located in the north-east of Nara. With this hiking, you will not only enjoy the nature but also ref... read more

by JUN
7h $ 189 up to 4 people

Private Tour Half Day Walking Tour In Nara

(13) Reviews

We visit Nara park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Shrine and Koufukuji Temple from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m. Nara was an ancient capital of Japan from 710 to 784 before the capital was moved to Kyoto. Todaiji Tem... read more

by Akira
4h $ 189 up to 10 people

Your most memorable tour in Nara (Nara deer Park, Toudaiji Temple, Kasuga Shrine etc.)

(60) Reviews

In Nara deer Park, you can feed many cute wild deers. After playing with deers, you will go to Toudaiji Temple. You can see huge buddaha statue. Next, you will go to kasuga shrine After lunch, you ... read more

7h $ 216 up to 18 people

Nara one day tour

(39) Reviews

Nara is one of the greatest center of Buddhism in Japan. In the 8th century, it flourished as an ancient capital based by Buddhism under the Empeor Shomu. You can find what Buddhism is and feel peacef... read more

1 day $ 252 up to 6 people

Traditional knowledge of plant medicine and fermented foods in Nara

(10) Reviews

This trip is completely off-the-beaten path from Kyoto or Nara, which takes you to another part of Japan. In rural area, wisdom to live with nature is still preserved, and this trip is to discover Jap... read more

by Chisato
8h $ 270 up to 10 people
奈良世界文化遗产之旅 1日游

奈良世界文化遗产之旅 1日游

(2) Reviews

奈良 日本的古都有1300年的历史。 read more

7h $ 225 up to 5 people
Highlights of Nara in half day

Highlights of Nara in half day

This tour is 5 hour guided tour in Nara. If you plan to stay in Kyoto or Osaka, why don't you spend one day sightseeing in Nara? Nara is the ancient capital of Japan and it is where humans and deer c... read more

by Keiko
5h $ 262 up to 8 people
One day walking+getting on a bus tour in Nara

One day walking+getting on a bus tour in Nara

Nara park is a huge park. To save our energy and time, we get on a bus bound for the parking lot of Kasuga grand shrine from the JR or Kintetsu Nara station. From the parking lot we will reach the s... read more

by Miwako
8h $ 238 up to 5 people

Private Tour in Nara

Chat with a local tour guide who will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.
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