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Private Tour Half Day Walking Tour In Nara

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We visit Nara park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Shrine and Koufukuji Temple from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m. Nara was an ancient capital of Japan from 710 to 784 before the capital was moved to Kyoto. Todaiji Temple is famous for the Big statue of Budda and the Budda hall is the biggest wooden structure in the ... read more

by Akira
4h $ 169 up to 10 people
Japan's oldest road, Yamanobe-no-michi ancient trail in Nara

Japan's oldest road, Yamanobe-no-michi ancient trail in Nara

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Nara's charm is not only deers but also its traditional country lifestyle, which has been inherited from generations to generations. Half a day off-the-beaten walk to an oldest road "Yamanobe no michi" will lead you to deep cultural understanding on satoyama villages. You will come across small far... read more

by Chisato
4:30h $ 141 up to 15 people

One day trip of Horyu-ji Temple

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-Horyu-ji Temple was founded by Prince Shotoku in 607(Asuka period). -The location is about 16 km(10 miles) southwest of Nara city -The temple structures are the oldest wooden buildings in the world. -The temple was the first place in Japan to be designated as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.... read more

4h $ 113 up to 15 people

Nara Yakushi-ji Temple/Toshodai-ji Temple --- UNESCO World Heritage Temples

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- Yakushi-ji Temple is located about five kilometer south west of JR Nara station. - Two major UNESCO World Heritage temples(Yakushi-ji & Toushodai-ji) are located here. - After meeting at Nishinokyo station, we walk through Yakushi-ji, and Toshodai-ji Temple. - As an optional tour, we can visit ... read more

5h $ 141 up to 15 people

Enjoy Nara city and people’s lifestyle with tour guide! [ 5 hour ]

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★●Meet at JR Nara station~Higashimuki shopping Arcade~ Kofukuji temple ~Sarusawa pond~ Nara mahci~ ★● JR Nara station~ we are going to walk during this tour. ★Todaiji temple The temple is a major landmark of Nara. It’s famous for the Great statue of Buddha. It is a UNESCO World Heritage S... read more

by Masako
5h $ 160 up to 10 people

Work Shop "Wood Engraving"

In this tour, you can learn the woodwork sculpture of a tradition technique handed down with landmark architectures and cultural assets in Kyoto and make a work. read more

by TJtours
3:30h $ 272 up to 4 people
Asuka Walking or Cycling Tour

Asuka Walking or Cycling Tour

Asuka is the place where first unified state was established. It was a capital of Japan from 538 to 710. There are a lot of view point including ruins of the Imperial palace, ancient tombs, uniquely shaped stone structures throughout the area. You can enjoy the historical atmosphere and beautiful sc... read more

by Yuri
5h $ 47 per person
Dear deer Nara!  ~Nara Park & Nara-machi~

Dear deer Nara! ~Nara Park & Nara-machi~

We will visit Nara Park, where historic monuments and nature create calm and peaceful atmosphere. You'll see wild deer roaming hear and there. Walking in Nara-machi district will give us a chance to see an old merchants' townscape. read more

by Michiko
5h $ 153 up to 6 people
Indigo dyeing experience and  Yakushiji temple(World Heritage Site) in Nara

Indigo dyeing experience and Yakushiji temple(World Heritage Site) in Nara

I will take you to an indigo-dyeing studio in Yamatokoriyama city and help to experience it. After that you will visit Yakushiji Temple. . read more

by Michiko
3:30h $ 108 up to 5 people
Explore the best of Nara

Explore the best of Nara

Nara is the old capital of Japan , a very rich city with beautiful temples,shrines and parks. You can have a very nice walk through the Nara deer park, and visit Todaiji temple and Kasuga Shrine. read more

by Ahmed
5h $ 188 up to 6 people

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