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CHETAN CHETAN India ( Family with kids )
2 months ago

“ Enthralling Experience Of Nara with Takatoshi san.. ”

Takatoshi san, the licensed Guide at Nara took us around Nara. His experience and knowledge about this ancient capital of Japan elevates our understanding of this land that was the center of administration during the Asuka period. The Land of the Rising Sun unfolds several wonders at once. The Deer Park, famous Todaiji Temple dedicated to Lord Buddha, Shinto shrines that primarily believe in nature worship and rugged stone lanterns radiate history, faith and Takatoshi san gently shared with us the story about when and how the shrines were built. The strength of architecture of the past can be seen even though renovation through centuries has kept the structures stand as they do today. Takatoshi san enlightened us on the difference between Shintoism and Buddhism, how devotees bow and pray and then we connect India where Buddhism started to the journey through the Silk Route to Japan. It is at the Ashoka Pillar Replica that we are left wonderstruck. It signifies Japan s tribute to India where at Sarnath, our National Emblem stands tall. Emperor Ashoka who had embraced Buddhism preached peace after the suffering of war pained him no end. Thank you Takatoshi san for taking us through the local market complex and helping us arranging our tickets to Kyoto.


Dear Chrtan san,Thank you for your nice review to my tour in Nara. I had also spent a nice time with you and your family on that day. I hope you could have a beautiful journey this visit to Japan. I wish you come to again even more ancient time place of Asuka area where is foundation place of Japan. As I told you , we have a close relation ship with India in terms of religious and culture things. Hopefully, we look forward seeing you again in near future. You or your family are expected to come here . Thank you again for your choosing my tour and sharing your time with me !

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