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Ken Ken Canada ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Excellent Tour ”

We recently took a two week cruise to various areas of Japan as part of our trip. For the stop in Kyoto, we arranged a tour for 8 of us to see Nara and our guide was Kazuhiko. He is an excellent guide and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the tour. He picked us up at the cruise terminal in Kyoto and the vehicle he drove was very comfortable and we did not feel cramped or crowded at all and we all had good views while driving. He was very flexible and, although he had a prepared tour, was quite willing to make changes if we requested them, including staying a shorter time at sites where we did not want to linger or a longer time if we wanted to see more. He was very considerate of the group (one of the ladies had a slight limp) and made sure that she was shown the easiest steps or a ramp where available. He was also quite careful in ensuring that no one got left behind and was always checking to ensure that everyone was together or that he at least knew where the missing ones were. We saw a lot, including the deer park, Buddhist temples, shrines, and Nara Park. He took us to a local restaurant for lunch and ate with us, providing helpful hints and suggestions as well as translating for us when required. He checked with us about the ship's departure time and when we had to be back onboard and ensured that we were back in plenty of time. We all had an excellent time and felt that it was one of the best tours during the two weeks of the cruise. I highly recommend Triple Lights and especially Kazuhiko as a guide. He is friendly, enthusiastic, speaks very good English and seems to know everything there is to know about each spot we went to. Thanks Kazu!


Hello, Mr. Ken I'm sorry for reply too late because I guided another group for several days. By the way, I guided your group (8 people) in Nara on Apr.3. Itinerary was as follows. Kobe Port (9:00 AM)→Toudaiji Temple, Kasuga Shrine, Kouhukuji Temple→Kobe Port (4:00 PM) And,I did not guide you in Yokohama. I think that another guide guided you in Yokohama. I enjoyed the tour with your group in Nara on Apr.3. I hope that the tour will become your memorable tour. Thank you !! Best regards, Kazuhiko Goto

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