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Kiyoshi Kiyoshi United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Great Guide! ”

The comment below was sent to me from my clients, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, from the U.S. Oh, yes! Chikako Nambu is a jewel. Her teaching skills shined at the beginning of each day as she presented us with a map marked with the route and stops for the day, a touch that we really appreciated. My wife and I almost instantly felt as if we were exploring with a good friend who was constantly there to guide us, answer our numerous questions, help connect us with local people in meaningful ways, lead us to delicious dining experiences, provide expert background in historical sites, and excellent insight into cultural elements. All done with a smile and wonderful attitude! Chicka is an excellent communicator with outstanding language skills. Her strong abilities in management of small touring details (like securing us wonderful seats on the trains, or effortlessly engaging us with docents and experts, or finding a wonderfully quiet spot for a relaxing lunch) made for very smooth days. Her personal and interpersonal skills are top-notch. She was sensitive to our age and stamina level. She listened effectively while responding to our small requests or needs. Carolyn and I enjoyed being with her very much and I would highly recommend her to other travelers, especially those from the United States. I sincerely hope we will be able to explore with her again on our next trip to Japan - this time in the fall.


Dear Yumiko and your great customers Stephen and Carolyn Jones Thank you for your warm comments! I really appreciate your swift reply and are deeply obliged to you for your kind compliments. It really encourages me to provide my guests with higher levels of satisfaction.  I await you return to Japan in the near future. Love, Chika