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Mark Mark United States ( Family )
5 months ago

“ Best day in Nara with Hiroshi, Okini! ”

My daughter and I went to Nara for a tour with Hiroshi. It was really great. Hiroshi was so knowledgeable and telling us all the tips and tricks from how to feed the dear in Nara deer park (very important, otherwise they can be a bit aggressive) to some hidden treasures and interesting facts that you would not read in a book or find on your own. I highly recommend him. As if this was not enough, my daughter had a medical emergency while we were in the middle of Nara deer park. Hiroshi helped us to find a place for her to sit and then helped us call an ambulance. He was so caring and helped us so much that I cannot say enough about his attitude, his humor (which helped us when stressed) and his clear caring about the incident. He was just amazing and we will never forget him and the tour. I highly recommend Hiroshi for his knowledge, friendliness, and caring for people and his country. Okini!


Dear Mark I am very grateful to you for your great reviews on one day tour in Nara. It was so unfortunate that your daughter had a medical emergency during your tour in Nara. But after getting medical treatment by ER.doctors at Nara City Hospital, she had soon recoverd, if not completely. I was so happy to see that she looked gradually getting better and I was also able to guide both of you to the fifth -storied pagoda in Kofukuji-temple and the National Treasure Hall. Best regards Mar 15 Hiroshi (hiro)