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Anthony Anthony Hong Kong ( Friends )
3 months ago

“ An excellent and considerate tourist guide ”

Takehiko san likes to be called “Zumi.” He was recommended very correctly to me by Emi san, a very helpful English-speaking coordinator online at Triplelights. Besides providing the service of a wheelchair accessible van, Zumi san is an excellent tourist guide in all respects. I, being handicapped in one leg and a wheelchair user, was on a long cruise with my girlfriend & 2 friends between October & November 2018 visiting several Japanese ports and stopped over Osaka twice. Zumi san pampered me & my girl friend both times almost like babies! Due to some error in passport discovered after embarking the ship, my girl friend could not stay overnight ashore. Zumi san volunteered to take us unconditionally, and beyond our itinerary, back to the ship at Osaka port from Kyoto where we finished a day’s sightseeing and my 2 friends stayed in a prebooked hotel. And he picked us up at Osaka port the next morning, headed Osaka and continued our pre-arranged tour of Osaka/Kyoto! He agreed that I paid only the extra highway toll and gasoline. Before our arrival, he took the liberty to check the hotel and a Kaiseki restaurant in Gion we prebooked ourselves to make sure everything was in order. While sightseeing in Deer Park and Todaiji Temple in Nara during second Osaka stopover, he did most of the pushing of my wheelchair, again voluntarily, for which I am really grateful. I am an exotic, good food chaser. He brought us to good specialty restaurants of Fugo fish, Snow Crab, Kamameshi (kettle rice), etc. OMG, how much I enjoyed! He was not only efficient, but also very considerate. Zumi san, how I wish to visit Osaka again and continue with you the sightseeing that Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, etc. have to offer. I have not had the time to enjoy Kobe beef yet. Wish you all the best, Zumi san. Anthony C.


Thank you for too enough compliments to me. It's really my pleasure and honor to be with you because I can learn a lot from you during the tour and also before it. Any place where we visited the other day reminds me of the time spent with you together. I will waif for your coming over to Osaka,Kyoto,and Kobe. Say hello to your friends and be safe. Best wishes to you. Sincerly. Takehiko Oizumi,Zumi

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