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Todaiji .
Daibutsu is the highlight of this exemplary ancient-Nara temple, which has fascinated people for time immemorial.
Nara Park.
Come and meet friendly deer at Nara Park and its many World Heritage sites
A World Heritage temple relating vestiges of Tempyo culture to the present age
Kasuga Taisha.
Among a red shinden sanctuary to amaze you and the tranquility of a primeval forest, there is a pantheon of gods.
With the statues of Ashura and the Thousand-Armed Kannon, it is a valuable Buddhist treasure house.
Isuien Park.
A traditional Japanese garden which you can enjoy from the perspective of the two different eras of Edo and Meiji
Yoshiki-en Garden.
A verdant garden that brings to life the undulating hills splendidly in harmony with nature
Nara National Museum.
One of Japan’s prominent museums for Buddhist art
Yakushi-ji Temple.
A must-see temple during a trip to Nara that has been designated as a cultural property of the ancient capital
An old town with an atmosphere retaining the elegance of machiya longhouses from the last years of the Edo Era
Horyuji Temple.
Immerse yourself in the historical wonders of Horyuji, the first Japanese temple listed as a World Heritage site
Todai-ji Nigatsu-do.
The site for a repentance service that has continued unbroken since the Nara Era.
Mt. Yoshino.
The ultimate place for cherry blossoms. A sacred festival for a mountain dedicated to sakura.
Totsukawa Onsen.
Enjoy a relaxing onsen in the nation’s largest village in terms of land area, Totsukawa Village
Shin-Yakushi-ji Temple.
The healing Buddha, Yakushi Nyorai, and the Twelve Heavenly Generals looking over the people’s health and praying for a world without sorrow
A traditional event held at Todai-ji Temple that is over 1260 years old to pray for the happiness of the people.
Heijo Palace.
The Imperial palace for the ancient capital of Heijo-kyo (present-day Nara) that has also been registered as a World Heritage site
Asuka Village.
A village with the feeling of the ancient times filled with historical tourist spots such as burial mounds and relics
Mt. Wakakusa.
A wonderful place to get a full view of Nara day or night
Jiko-in Temple.
The entirety of the temple grounds is a tearoom. Spend a quiet time here while feeling the heart of tea


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