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Hiroyuki Private Guide


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Hi,I'm Hiroyuki Fukui. Please call me Hiro. I'm a government certified guide interpreter. I'm originally from Gifu Pre... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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TETSUJI Private Guide


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I worked as a public servant in the local government for 35 years. I belonged to the department of Redevelopment, Town-... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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MICHIKO Private Guide


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Hello, I am Michiko , the same name of Japanese Empress. I am a government certified tour guide. I have lived in Nagoy... read more

$ 33 Hourly rate
Yumi Private Guide


Hi! I’m Yumi, National Licensed Guide. Japan has so many charms, must-see spots & must-eat dishes. Let’s enjoy those with me as you’ve got a local friend. Feel free to contact me to plan your own trip Golden age guests, family with kids are highly welcomed! Big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto is w... read more

$ 26 Hourly rate
Last Active: 22 hours ago
Moka Private Guide


Hi! I’m Moka. I was born and raised in Aichi prefecture. 100% local!! I know Nagoya and its surrounding areas!! I believe Nagoya is a historical and exciting city, also have many tasty food!! As a local, I can introduce you fascinating Nagoya, Aichi areas!! I love traveling the world, I have tr... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate
Last Active: 1 day ago
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I live in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture. I have an experience living or working abroad for around 4years. I can speak Vietnamese and English. I hope I can introduce Aichi prefecture as a local guide for you. Aichi prefecture is famous for Samurai culuture. Here is a hometown of 3 famous Samurai name... read more

$ 17 Hourly rate
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I was a geologist for about forty years until quite recently. As a geologist, I had many occasions working in foreign co... read more

$ 29 Hourly rate
Satoru Private Guide


Education of English and Japanese since 5years old. Over the past 25years have been continuously been working in English/Japanese speaking environment based in Nagoya. Travelled abroad on business to US, Europe, Mexico and Asia multiple times. My hobby is bike touring and see the nature. Camping, m... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate


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Hi! I am Yoko, I am a tour guide in English and Spanish. I live in Gifu Prefecture,so I'd like to take you to beautifu... read more

$ 30 Hourly rate


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Hello, I'm Yuichi, an English tour guide in Hokuriku region. If you are thinking about traveling to historical places ... read more

$ 35 Hourly rate
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I am a government certificated tour guide. I love cooking, eating, meeting new people, discovering new culture, finding ... read more

$ 41 Hourly rate
Fuhito Private Guide


Hi, my name is Fuhito. I am the English tour guide in Kimono, who can take you to a wonderful trip around Japan! If you are expecting an extraordinary experience in Japan, I am the man you are looking for. You can choose your tour from popular site seeing spots to places off the beaten track. ... read more

$ 35 Hourly rate


My name is Mick Kimura. I was born in Nogoya city, Aichi prefecture and am living in Iwata city in Shizuoka prefecture located halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto, and about 100km or 60 miles west from Mt. Fuji. I was working for Yamaha Motor as a service engineer for more than 30 years looking afte... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
Naomi Private Guide


Hi, I am Naomi. I am a Government Certified Guide Interpreter. I grew up in the Nagoya region and love this area. I used to be a junior high school teacher, but later through travelling in Japan and abroad, meeting new people gave me a lot of opportunities to know their way of life, how they feel... read more

$ 29 Hourly rate
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