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Jimmy Jimmy Malaysia ( Friends )
5 months ago

“ Yoshiko is an excellent Tour Guide especially for Nagasaki. Excellent English. ”

Yoshiko is an exceptionally excellent Tour Guide. She has excellent English. My group consisted of six persons from Malaysia. We traveled by train to Nagasaki and she was exactly where she said she would be. She is very prompt, thoughtful and very flexible. She did not rush us at any time and was always polite. She is very knowledgeable of the places we went. I have used many Tour Guides over the years but she is definitely one of the best. All of my group agreed that using a Tour Guide of her capability made the trip & tour much better. We were very satisfied with the cost and would have been willing to pay more. We considered it a "bargain". I would very definitely recommend Yoshiko as a Tour Guide for Nagasaki. She was GREAT!!!!


DearJimmy, I am very much flattered. That's very kind of you to say. You know that I was the luckiest guide in Nagasaki on that day , because I was given that chance to meet and guide you all. I was so happy to share the time with you in my favorite town Nagasaki, and thank you so much for having interests in the history of Nagasaki. Please give ' big hi' to the others for me . I will never forget you all. Best regards, Yoshi