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Customer Reviews for Mount Koya Tours

    Anne ( Luxembourg )

    What a wonderful experience and a nice informative tour! Getting to know inside information is clearly a plus and you also get to ask information about Buddhism from a specialist if you are a layperson. This tour made me want to know more about Buddhism. It was fun and Nobu also gave me a few tips on what else to visit/ do in Koyasan. I can’t thank him enough and would highly recommend this tour to anybody visiting Koyasan! It was one of the highlights of my trip to Japan! view more

    Judy ( Canada )

    Noriko is a lovely lady who travelled 3 hours to be our guide in Koyasan. She was already waiting at our hotel when We arrived from Nara so we were able to start walking with her right away. view more

    Glenn ( United States )

    Very interesting and informative tour. Learning more about this sect of Buddhism and the spiritual significance of the area was enlightening. Highly recommend a monk tour instead of “regular” tour. view more

    Allen ( United States )

    Noriko did an excellent job in modifying her one day Koyasan tour to start and end from a hotel in Osaka for a group of six people. Without Noriko's help, it would have been difficult for first time visitors to Japan to navigate the transportation to and from Koyasan, especially during rush hours. I highly recommend Noriko as a tour guide. view more

    Chris ( United States )

    We booked an afternoon tour with Hideo, but unfortunately I had an accident as our tour was to begin. Hideo went above and beyond what any guide would do, meeting us at the hospital, arranging transport and even returning the next day to help us make it onto our train on time. Words cannot express how indebted to him we are for his help. You won't find a more compassionate human to spend time with in Japan. view more

    Cheryl ( United States )

    Our day with Nobuhiro made Koyasan the highlight of our 3 week vacation in Japan. Nobu was well informed He is a great story teller and shared a wealth of information about Esoteric Buddhism . He was well prepared without boring us with lots of statistics that would soon be forgotten We never felt rushed but managed to see all the major sights as well as a special fall festival at the Shinto shrine. Nobu is a great photographer and documented of our visit to Okunoin, Garen and Kunjobuji... view more

    Laura ( United States )

    Hideo was fantastic view more

    Kit ( United States )

    We enjoyed Makoto very much. He was prompt and a great help getting us from Osaka to Mount Koya. His English is very good and easy to understand. He provided us with good information on history of Japan and where Mount Koya fit in that history. We enjoyed his discussion on current Japanese life. As this was his first tour to Mount Koya his information on that site was limited. view more

    Sylvia ( United States )

    I enjoyed the trip with Hiroyuki very much. He communicated very well already before the trip when I planned koyasan and always answered my questions promptly. He planned ahead of time what to see when but was also flexible when I wanted to change things. His humor matched mine so the tour was not only very informative but also real fun. He was able to answer all my questions, not only related to koyasan but also to all of Japan. I would recommend Hiroyuki to everyone! I stayed on in koyasan ... view more

    Andrea ( Australia )

    We had a lovely day with Noriko at Koyasan. She arrived on time and had our day planned to make the most of the sites we were to visit. Background information was good and all our questions were answered. A very informative and special day - thank you Noriko! view more