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I was born and grew up in Wakayama prefecture. Since I was very young, I walked and run by motorcycle and car in the mou... read more

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Hiroyuki Private Guide


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Hi,I'm Hiroyuki Fukui. Please call me Hiro. I'm a government certified guide interpreter. I'm originally from Gifu Pre... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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Toichi Private Guide


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I'm Toichi. Please call me Ichi, which means No.1 in Japanese. Or you can remember it as 'itchy' Ichi. Born and bre... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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Hideo Private Guide


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Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 15... read more

$ 33 Hourly rate
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Hi! I'm Shogo, a national licensed tour guide. If you are interested in Samurai or Busho, you can call me "Shogun". (rat... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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Hello, I’m Makoto (Mac) and I'm a national-licensed tour guide. My previous career as an automotive engineer, gave m... read more

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★A Columbia dropout became an MBA candidate at Kyoto University, major in tourism & hospitality management ★raised in... read more

$ 62 Hourly rate
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Yasuhisa Private Guide


I was born in Osaka and now I live in Wakayama prefecture. I have visited more than 800 sightseeing spots in Kansai area including Koyasan. With my experience of visiting 15 foreign countries, I want to introduce Japanese culture and beauties of Koyasan. If my guests wish to take part in some act... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate


I am a professional Tour guide, living in Osaka with my wife and 2 kids. I am also a start up player of tourism business "Japan Exploration Tours JIN-仁" , a tour operator. 'Travel like Life, Live like Travel' This is my principal. I've been big mountain lover since junior highschool mounta... read more

$ 45 Hourly rate


2 years experience as a licenced national guide by English language and French language. 25 years of working experience at Japanese trading company , which is my main carrer in my life , gave me a lot of chance to encounter with variety nationalities of people and foreign culture and to visit many c... read more

$ 45 Hourly rate
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Hi, my name is Moe. I was born in Kyoto, and grow up in Osaka. I would love to show my city and our unique Japanese ... read more

$ 28 Hourly rate
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Toshiyo Private Guide


(63) Reviews

I was born and raised in Kyoto.Kyoto has a lot of things to see and experience. Kyoto is an ancient city with a lot of w... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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Hi, I'm a National licensed guide living in OSAKA. Raised between KYOTO and OSAKA, I've got two different unique cultures, customs and dialects. So called Bilingual?? I can guide you both cities from Major tourist spots to Off-the-beaten paths. Throughout the tour, I show you unique local cultur... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate
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Hide Private Guide


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Hello, I'm Hide, a National Certified Tour Interpreter. I'm new here!!! Shall we explore Japan together? I... read more

$ 34 Hourly rate
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Hello !!! I'm a government certified tour guide. I'm from Kyoto. I'm positive, active and full of curiosity with a sense of humor. I majored in the international commerce in the university and I worked for an electronics company as a sales person. During my career, I had a chance to live in Europe... read more

$ 45 Hourly rate
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Hello, I’m Noriko, certified national tour guide. I live in Wakayama prefecture, where there are a lot of nature and... read more

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Fumi Private Guide


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I'm Fumi. I was born in Fukuoka and moved to Osaka. I had lived in Singapore for 3 years and learned East Asian cultu... read more

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Hello! I would like to help you enjoy your stay in Japan, Osaka. I really like Japan and am happy to travel around Ja... read more

$ 25 Hourly rate
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