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Customized 1-day tour around the Mt. Fuji area with a licensed local guide

(29) Reviews

You can have your trip customized based on your interests! Mt. Fuji embraces natural beauty on her base where beautiful forests, lava caves and lakes with magnificent views of Mt. Fuji spread. As the ... read more

by Tomomi
$ 260 up to 5 people
A Stopover for Mt. Fuji, Green Tea and the World Heritage Sites on Shinkansen

A Stopover for Mt. Fuji, Green Tea and the World Heritage Sites on Shinkansen

(15) Reviews

Traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto? Why don't you break your journey at Fujinomiya? It is a popular destination for cruise ship travelers at the southwestern skirt of Mt. Fuji, and is easily accessible f... read more

by Fumie
$ 233 up to 8 people

Trace the footsteps of the pilgrims of Mt. Fuji

(29) Reviews

Mt. Fuji is known worldwide as a mountain brimming with natural beauty. Besides this, Mt. Fuji is also a sacred mountain that has been revered and admired since ancient times. It is the symbolic objec... read more

by Tomomi
$ 121 per person

Blessings of Mt. Fuji(Shrine, Sake Brewery & Green tea field)

(25) Reviews

Mt. Fuji is well known across the world. It is the highest mountain in Japan and was designated as a World cultural heritage site in 2013. You can enjoy the mountain not only by climbing it, but by... read more

by Hiroyo
$ 279 up to 8 people

Mt.Fuji area, Nature walking in Mysterious/ Beautiful Aokigahara Sea of Trees and explore caves.

(36) Reviews

You will explore 3 types of caves, Saiko Bat Cave, Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave and Narusawa Ice Cave and watch one more Ryugu Cave. You will also leave your steps in beautiful Sea of Tree known as Aokiga... read more

by Yuji
$ 298 up to 4 people

Superb view of Mt. Fuji with an essence of art

(2) Reviews

In this tour, we visit several view points of Mt. Fuji and Kubota Itchiku Art Museum in Lake Kawaguchiko area on the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the five lakes of Mt. Fuji and it... read more

by Miho
$ 214 up to 4 people

Mt Fuji,as a sacred place for worship

(19) Reviews

You can learn about history of Mt Fuji worship and visit some historaical sites where Mt Fuji pilgrims used to go before they climbed Mt Fuji during Edo period about 300~400 years ago. read more

by Chinami
$ 186 up to 4 people

Feel great nature of Mt.Fuji with the mystical forest of Aokigahara 1 day tour

(10) Reviews

The Fuji Five Lakes and the Aokigahara Forest are fascinating natural wonders created by Mt.Fuji. They remain untouched nature sceneries. They are on the north side of the mountain, in Nation Park of ... read more

$ 228 up to 6 people

Quality time at a temple / still your mind and rethink of yourself

(4) Reviews

Spend some time at a traditional temple near Mt.Fuji which is very quiet and filled with Japanese culture. Experience some practices to feel Buddism with your body, such as zazen(seated meditation), ... read more

by AYA
$ 140 up to 3 people

Trip at a textile town / witness a millennium-long tradition and technique

(4) Reviews

Visit some traditional factories of textile to enjoy "deep" Mt.Fuji region Make your original woolen goods at a factory as an optional activity. read more

by AYA
$ 140 up to 4 people
One day to know Mt. Fuji!

One day to know Mt. Fuji!

If you have only 1 day to spend but want to get the most of Mt. Fuji area, here is the tour for you. All of visiting places with Mt. Fuji view as a background on a clear sky day! read more

by Thanisa
$ 195 up to 4 people

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