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Hourly from:
$ 33
per group

Mount Fuji viewing tour from Lake Kawaguchi

  • Lake Kawaguchi
  • Aokigahara Jukai Forest
  • Narusawa Ice Cave/Fugaku Wind Cave
  • Yurari Hot Spring
by TripleLights
$ 264
per group ( up to 6 )

1-day Mt.Fuji Bus Tour

(9) Reviews

  • Multilingual Audio Guide is available.
  • Specialized for Mt. Fuji areas. You won’...
  • You can go back to Tokyo early evening.
  • Free WIFI service available on the bus.
by JPT
$ 126
per person

Mt. Fuji Fifth Station and Lake Kawaguchi Day Tour

(1) Reviews

  • Pick up at hotel in the central Tokyo
  • Take a Highway Bus at Shinjuku Station
  • Mt. Fuji Fifth Station and Ochudo trekki...
  • Tozan Bus
  • Kawaguchiko Station
  • Retro Bus
  • Kawaguchiko Nature Life
  • Kubota Itchiku Art Museum
  • Retro Bus / Highway Bus
  • Shinjuku Station
by TJtours
$ 588
per group ( up to 4 )

Mt. Fuji viewing tour from Lake Kawaguchi

(59) Reviews

  • Oshino hakkai ( many ponds with clear wa...
  • Arakurayama park ( The scene of Mt.Fuji ...
  • Lake Kawaguchi crusing
  • Mt. Kachikachi ropeway to view Mt.Fuji
  • Cycling around the lake with a rental bi...
  • Kubota icchiku museum of Kimono (Optiona...
by Yuki
$ 225
per group ( up to 5 )

A day trip to Mt. Fuji area with a private guide

(4) Reviews

  • Kawaguchiko lake
  • Look out high terrace
  • Fuji 5 lakes
  • Aokigahara wild forest and lava caves
  • Oshino Hakkai, the ponds with pure Fuji ...
  • Fuji Sengen shrine with a 1000 yes old c...
by Akira.K
$ 446
per group ( up to 4 )

Day Tour to Mt. Fuji by a Private Van / Microbus (Muslim Friend...

(5) Reviews

  • Panorama Hill
  • Oshino Hakkai
  • Mt. Fuji 5th Station
  • Shiraito no Taki Falls
  • Gotemba Premium Outlets (Option)
  • Lake Kawaguchi Cruise & Kachikachiyama R...
by Nobu
$ 405
per group ( up to 5 )

Day trip motorcycle ride in Mt. Fuji area by private guide rider

(4) Reviews

  • Kawaguchi lake: Mt. Fuji figure over the...
  • Oshino Hakkai: Mt. Fuji snow melt water ...
  • Yamanaka lake: Mt. Fuji figure over the ...
  • Aokigahara wild forest and lava caves: o...
  • Sake brewery tour: optional, no tasting ...
  • Mt. Fuji 5th stage: optional. Depends o...
  • Shiraito no Taki falls
by Akira.K
$ 342
per group ( up to 5 )

Highlights of Mt.Fuji area

  • Great View of Mt.Fuji at Mt. Kachikachi
  • Beautiful Kubota itchiku museum
  • Serene Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine
  • Tasting sake at Ide brewery
$ 162
per group ( up to 5 )

10km hiking, Explore Caves and Mysterious but Beatiful Aokigahar...

  • Meeting at Kawaguchiko Station
  • Observe beautiful Mt. Fuji from the shor...
  • Walking and observing Sea of Trees (Aoki...
  • Explore Saiko Bat Cave
  • Walking and observing Sea of Trees (Aoki...
  • Explore Ryugu Cave
  • Walking and observing Sea of Trees (Aoki...
  • Explore Narusawa Ice Cave
  • Walking along Tokai Shizen Hodo (Tokai N...
  • Explore Fugaku Fuketsu (Wind Cave)
  • Riding back to Kawaguchiko Station
by Yuji
$ 302
per group ( up to 5 )

Blessings of Mt. Fuji(Shrine, Sake Brewery & Green tea field)

(8) Reviews

  • Fujinomiya Sengen shrine
  • Sake brewery
  • Local food such as Fujinomiya Yakisoba(f...
  • Tea house
  • Other places in Shizuoka are available t...
by Hiroyo
$ 261
per group ( up to 8 )

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