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Jeric Jeric Australia ( Friends )
3 weeks ago

“ Aokigahara, off the beaten path - The Tomomi tour experience! ”

To all those curious about booking this tour, Tomomi is a beautiful soul with genuine love for the Fuji/Kawaguchiko area. She was very flexible with our situation and very accommodating. There is not a bad bone in her body and she worked very hard to make us all welcome and inspired by the beautiful nature and energy of Aokigahara. We were able to see/smell/feel the forest and visit sights off the beaten path, thanks to her knowledge. We are all so grateful for this experience. Tomomi is well versed in ALL things Fuji/Aokigahara/Kawaguchiko related. She speaks very natural English, which only added to our experience walking through Aokigahara and visiting the Saiko Bat Cave to obtain our 'drops of wisdom'. This unforgettable day will absolutely become one of the great highlights of our trip so far, I'll definitely be back again for the lakes tour! Don't hesitate and book her to show you around, it's worth it!!! J


It was a lovely day we enjoyed hiking in the forest. We started the tour in the late afternoon and the time we shared together was not long due to the traffic congestion on the way from Tokyo. However, the peaceful and serene atmosphere spread through the forest was all to ourselves! Thanks to your positive and friendly manner, I had a lot of fun with laughter. Thank you again for joining the tour. You’re always welcome here, on the foot of Mt. Fuji!

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