(25) คำวิจารณ์
US$ 39 ทุกๆชั่วโมง
Edward Edward United States ( Solo )
11 months ago

“ Enjoyed very much the forest and the stories she shared about her father growing up ”

It as a perfect tour! Chinami is a great and interesting tour guide


Edward ans Suzan How are you? are you enjoying yourself in Asia as well?Thank you for the review. I was worry about you since there was the big earthqueck in California. I just worked at inforn\mation center in 5th station of Mt Fuji. I hope you come back to climb Mt Fuji again near future. Take care! Chinami


Walking in Aokigahara,the sea of trees, and exploring caves

(25) คำวิจารณ์
by Chinami
You can enjoy the nature of beautiful forest at the foot of Mt Fuji.We also go into some of interesting caves in the forest. If you are used to hiking, I ...
2 Hours US$ 90

Mt Fuji,as a sacred place for worship

(25) คำวิจารณ์
by Chinami
You can learn about history of Mt Fuji worship and visit some historaical sites where Mt Fuji pilgrims used to go before they climbed Mt Fuji during Edo pe...
6 Hours US$ 184 ตั้งแต่ 4 people

Visiting historic wineries and wine tasting

(25) คำวิจารณ์
by Chinami
Wine in Japan? I know some people have never heard of Japanese wine and are proud of wine in their own countries.However, There is a famous place for wine ...
4 Hours US$ 117 ตั้งแต่ 4 people

Full day tour at Lake Kawaguchiko

(25) คำวิจารณ์
by Chinami
Kawaguchiko is the most popular lake among five lakes at the foot of Mt Fuji.There are many places to go in all seasons.You see Mt Fuji from different dire...
7 Hours US$ 180 ตั้งแต่ 3 people

Hiking for the view of Mt Fuji and Aokigahara forest

(25) คำวิจารณ์
by Chinami
Would you like to hike the mountain that has a good view of Mt Fuji? After walking the trail on the mountain, you see three lakes among five lakes in the n...
3.5 Hours US$ 162 ตั้งแต่ 4 people