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Kristina Kristina United Kingdom ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ We had an amazing day with the best guide ever!! ”

Our family of 4 (2 teen girls) had the most amazing day with Tomomi!! Firstly, she was super helpful with prompt communication right from the start(even before booking!), which continued right up to our tour date. Tomomi wanted to know our interests and planned accordingly. She also gave me explicit directions on how to get from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko which we had no difficulty in doing ourselves. She met us at the train station and from there we had a fabulous adventure. We went straight to Chureito Pagoda, which for us was the highlight! We had perfect weather and were SO fortunate to see Mt. Fuji on a clear sunny day AND the cherry blossoms in full bloom. What luck we had!! We then enjoyed exploring the area around Lake Kawaguchiko with Tomomi even finding a local cherry blossom festival which was a nice surprise. With Tomomi’s keen navigation and planning, we even had time for a sake distillery tour/tasting. It is the only one in that area and it was very interesting to learn about the production. Tomomi is a very knowledgeable, caring guide and we had a wonderful time with her learning about the area and getting to know her beautiful life there. We all still talk about that day! Many thanks Tomomi!!


Thank you for giving me such kind words, Kristina-san. You all were super friendly and cheerful, so I felt really comfortable to be with you and had a wonderful time. It was a perfect day to enjoy the magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and the full-bloomed cherry blossoms under the clear sky, wasn't it? Hope a bunch of photos you took during the tour will be a part of the great memories you had in Japan! The happiest moment for me is to see my clients (YOU) having fun. I’m just pleased to have helped you enjoy the Mt. Fuji area to the fullest and learned about its deep inside. There are many other must-see places on the foot of Mt. Fuji, so you shouldn’t miss them. Please come back again!

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Mt. Fuji is known worldwide as a mountain brimming with natural beauty. Besides this, Mt. Fuji has been revered as a sacred mountain since ancient times. I...
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