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Marco Marco Brazil ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ A 6 stars experience with Tomomi! ”

Tomomi was very professional since we started talking about the Fuji 5 lakes area, providing us of every information we needed, and we decided to travel with her. We’ve spent a wonderful day with Tomomi, visiting all the places we wanted, including the best spots to see the cherry tree blossom, and having all our questions fully answered. A 6 stars experience!


Thank you so much for posting such a great review. The day you took the tour was a bit chilly, and the sun was too shy to come out. However, you came to the Mt. Fuji area at the perfect time to see full-bloomed cherry blossoms! It was a great joy for me to see you two have a good time viewing beautiful cherry blossoms with a big simile and enjoy the local specialty “Hoto noodles” after standing in a long line. Your deep insight into the Japanese culture (Kimono) at Kubota Itchiku Museum was quite impressive and made me happy as I was proud of my own culture.There are some other must-see places on the foot of Mt. Fuji, so hope you’ll come back there again!