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Eric Eric United States ( Solo )
2 months ago

“ Lovely guide around the Aokigahara Forest ”

She shown me around the three caves, Wind cave, Ice cave and the Saiko Bat cave and afterwards we walked through the Aokigahara Forest for the rest of the tour. Never have I had this much fun hanging around someone in a long, long time. She is super friendly, great personality, and lot of fun to be around. I almost couldn't walk away when the time was over. It was truly a pleasure to have to have you as my guide!


Thank you very much for giving me such warm words which motivate me a lot. The weather during a hike wasn’t pleasant due to wet weather. However, the rain didn’t bring many visitors to the forest. We were really lucky to have strolled through the forest in the peaceful and serene atmosphere. I also had a lot of fun chatting with you. Thank you so much for sharing your time with me. Hope the photos taken during the tour remind the wonderful memories you had in the forest. The Mt. Fuji area is worth visiting throughout the seasons. Mt. Fuji and myself will welcome your visit again! Arigatou gozaimashita!