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Babu Babu Australia ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Mt Fuji Day trip ”

We had Tomomi-san as our guide for the day for the Mt Fuji area recently and had a wonderful trip there. At the outset, we were impressed with her prompt and thoughtful responses to our queries, starting with her detailed explanations of the various train options to get there from Tokyo. We are also appreciative of her careful planning of activities to suit our interests and time available, and flexibility in adjusting the schedule to the changing weather conditions on the day. As an experienced nature guide, her knowledge of the Aokigahara forest on top of the hardened lava was so informative, and the hike in the forest, with some fantastic views of one of the lakes, was special. We also enjoyed the place where we had lunch, with gracious hosts, good food and views of Mt Fuji. Her guidance for the day made our trip to Mt Fuji a memorable experience. We highly recommend her service as a guide.


Thank you so much for your great review. Unfortunately Mt. Fuji was a bit shy and hid behind the clouds during the tour. I felt sorry that you could hardly see Mt. Fuji. However, what makes me happy is your expression about the tour written in your review since it says you two had a great time around the Mt. Fuji area even without her. I’m pleased to have been exposed to the wonderful natural environment with you, having talked about some current issues with you. I really appreciate your kindness and consideration during the tour. The Mt. Fuji area is worth visiting throughout the seasons. Looking forward to seeing you again!

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