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KM Dennis KM Hong Kong ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Fantastic Aokigahara and Caves Tour ”

It was a happy and meaningful tour leaded by Tomomi in Aokigahara Forest and Caves. Ms Tomomi is friendly and caring person suggested traffic solutions to access Kawaguchiko station and to our tour meetup-point. She is also knowledgeable on natural and cultural in related to the area. There is no communication issue since Ms Tomomi speaks well English. We started from Wind Cave and Ice Cave, then Aokigahara Forest, Dragon Cave and ended at beautiful Saiko Lake. Though it was raining all the time, it didn't disturb the tour. I think employing a local guide is necessary since the Japan government and residents have been trying best to protect the valuable nature and culture. Visitors with different background can learn to respect the environment through the professional guide's introduction and communication.


Thank you very much for sending such a great review. I’m really happy that you enjoyed the tour despite the bad weather. Thanks to your kind and friendly manner during the tour, I also had a wonderful time with you!Your review will definitely encourage me to work harder as the local nature guide since your deep insight into the natural environment and the tourism of the Mt. Fuji area is impressive and inspiring. I learned a lot about your country and its current situation through the conversation with you. Thank you again for joining the tour! Hope you come back to the Mt. Fuji area which has various charms. They are worth sharing with you!

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