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charles Charles Singapore ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Excellent Guide ”

Yumiko is an excellent tourguide. She arranged a day trip to Mount Fuji and, in particular, to a beginner's ski area where children and adults of all ages can sled, ski, snowboard, etc. She provided thorough instructions for how to get to the Mount Fuji area from Tokyo, and brought along some self-made posters of the volcanic history of the region for us to see. She helped make arrangements for ski equipment rental, and got on skis herself so that she could translate the instructor's lesson from Japanese to English. Amazing! I highly recommend Yumiko for her professionalism, knowledge and positive spirit.


Thank you for your great review, Charles. It's nice that you loved "Mt. Fuji Ski Resort Tour". I myself had a great time with you. I especially enjoyed skiing with your son and sledding with you and your wife! It was a beautiful day and I was very glad that you enjoyed the magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and white snow. I'm pleased that you gave me your word "positive spirit", because it is my first priority on my work. Please come to Japan again sometime. Thank you very much. Yumiko