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Cheryl Cheryl Singapore ( Family with kids )
Very Good
7 months ago

“ Very dedicated, patient and informed guide that plans ahead ”

We are very happy to have Nobu as our guide during the hectic Christmas and New Year season. We approached Nobu to do a 1 day Fuji tour and 1 day City tour that is catered to our family with 2 young boys ( 4 yo and 21month old). He is on the ball when it comes to replying to our many enquiries as we were extra cautious when we bring our 2 boys. He gave us various options as well as costings quickly which make it easier for our decision making and budgeting during the peak season. During the trip, he was very friendly and help to entertain our little ones here and there when we need to attend to something i.e. we were given pockets of opportunities to buy and gobble down some nice Sashimi in the overly crowded Tsukiji market while Nobu kindly tend to them; My boy vomitted on myself on the way to Mt Fuji and we had to stop to clean up and and get clothes (totally off the plan) Our priority was also for our young kid not to get tired, but engage in the city tour as well as enjoy their meal times. It was made clear to Nobu through our discussions and he impresses us with food menus that he collected from the areas he was bringing us to visit! and recommend us the places with kids friendly meals and child friendly attractions. During the Fuji Trip, we were running a little behind schedule, but Nobu was gentle to push us along and get us to complete our itinerary with the highlight of the trip - sleighing for the kids! I almost thought we would not make it. All in all, we enjoyed the time we had spent with Nobu as our guide, and our kids (esp the 4 year old likes him very much). He even offered to help us in case we need help on the other days of our Japan trip. The only thing that could be made clearer or better is to give us a summary of what we are doing/ the itinerary for the day before the start of the tour, so that we can get a clearer picture. Other than that, we are very happy with Nobu. Thank you very much Nobu and we wish that you have a great year ahead!!


Thank you very much for your review, Cheryl. I really enjoyed being with you and your family for the 2 days! I actually had the itinerary for each day, but I did not show it to you because I thought it would be changed from time to time. I should have shown it to you in any Event. I am Looking Forward to meeting you, your husband and your boys again in the future! Nobu