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Christina Christina Japan ( Friends )
8 months ago

“ Exploring mysterious Aokigahara ”

Our trip through Aokigahara was fantastic! We asked her a lot of questions and Tomomi answered all of them. We saw amazing nature and the Saiko Bat cave. She was very friendly and talking to her felt natural and nice. I would highly recommend a tour with her!


Thank you again for joining the tour! I’m really happy to have shown you and your friends from Germany around the Aokigahara forest. You guys asked me many questions about the various things about Japan as well as Aokigahara and Mt. Fuji. I felt rewarding as a guide because I could help you have the deeper understanding of different aspects of Japan during the tour. Hope you’ll come back here again in the different seasons. There are lots of things around the foot of Mt. Fuji that will attract you!