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Jonea Jonea United States ( Family )
11 months ago

“ Mt Fuji Area Tour ”

Our family had an amazing time exploring the Mt. Fuji area with Yuji. We had an authentic experience, visiting local places with amazing views of Mt. Fuji and great food along the way. It was so helpful to have Yuji with us, as he was able to let us know about local customs and help us translate throughout the day. We would highly recommend Yuji to others looking to explore the Mt. Fuji area.


Dear Jonea, I am happy to have received your review. I tried to accommodate your requests as much as possible while I tried to make your day efficient and fruitful. One thing I am sorry is that you had to cancel night views of maple leaves and local special Houtou Noodle. As for Diamond Fuji, I really feel relieved you were able to see since I thought that was the most challenging. Please contact me when you have another occasion to visit this country and Yamanashi, Mt. Fuji Area. Thank you again, and say my best regards to your family. And hope Tom will will be get cured. Yuji