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Customer Reviews for Mount Fuji Tours

    Hang ( Viet Nam )

    Our family had a great day with Tomomi San in Mount Fuji area. All of our communication and discussion about our family trip to Mount Fuji went on quite smoothly via email with Tomomi San before the trip actually started. Tomomi San gave me very useful advice on which express bus to take as well as best starting time for our tour. She was so kindly to arrange the itinerary in a way to make our teenage kids feel interesting. Unfortunately, we missed our first bus in Tokyo and arrived in Kawaguchi... view more

    Jeffrey ( United States )

    Hideaki was a stellar guide from the very beginning as he helped us organize the lengthy transportation towards Mount Fuji. To each site that we stopped and each meal we had he never stopped being respectful and supportive to our experience. Hideaki was easy to talk to and a great person to spend our final day in Tokyo with. He was a wonderful guide. view more

    Margit ( United States )

    We had a lovely day with Yuji. It is the rainy season and we had some rain but we only opened our umbrellas once so we actually were lucky. Yuji took us around all 5 lakes at the base of Mt Fuji and to a beautiful shrine. He was very knowledgeable about the area. Lunch was amazing at a very traditional Japanese restaurant. I think we were the only foreigners there. Great experience. I would definitely recommend Yuji. view more

    Mahalia ( Australia )

    Yumiko-san was very responsive during booking. She recommended the itinerary for my family with 2 primary school children and the train route that we needed to take to Kawaguchiko. It was very helpful. Our itinerary had to be changed due to the weather but we weren’t disappointed. We were able to see Mt Fuji on the train ride and a little bit on the Ropeway before the weather changed. The Monkey Theatre was the highlight of the tour for my daughter 😁. During lunch, she taught us a few Japanese p... view more

    Blair ( United States )

    Tomomi is a superb guide who is extremely knowledgeable. Over the course of several hours, she introduced me to Aokigahara, pointing out many interesting and important things about this remarkable forest that I never would have noticed myself. Tomomi is a local and nature lover, and it quickly became apparent that share cares a lot about the Fuji Five Lakes region and is passionate about sharing it with visitors. She knows the Aokigahara trails very well, which is valuable given that in a fe... view more

    Michele ( United States )

    We went to Mount Fuji with Yuki last week, and we are so glad we chose him as our guide! Before the trip, we messaged back and forth about the cost of bus vs. train, and Yuki did all of the research to let us know which would be more cost effective. Our hotel was in the Okubo area (not where most easy-to-get-to Shinjuku hotels are), and he willingly met us in the hotel lobby on the morning of the tour. Yuki led the way as soon as we met him. Japan's train/bus stations could get confusing at... view more

    Todd ( United States )

    My family and I had a wonderful day with Yumiko. We explored a lava cave and went on a beautiful bike ride around one of Mount Fuji’s 5 Lakes. We also had an incredible lunch at a local Japanese restaurant. Yumiko was delightful and did everything to ensure we had a great day. I would highly recommend Yumiko! view more

    Paul ( United States )

    Fumie planned a most delightful day for our group of 10. She went to great lengths before and during our tour to ensure there was something for everyone. We exchanged several messages and she integrated all of the info i gave her about the ages and personalities of our group members into an inpeccably planned customized experience. She even took on connecting us with charter bus company. I cant sufficiently express our gratitude - the day was perfect. view more

    Wilson ( Singapore )

    Tomomi is an excellent guide. Detailed, considerate and very knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip! view more

    Paris ( Australia )

    Chinami was so helpful organising a trip through the forest and bat cave. She was very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable before we even arrived in Japan, easily contactable through emails and worked with us to arrange a personalised tour. We would recommend Chinami to anyone looking to tour around the Mt Fuji area, it was a very fun day and amazing to see such a beautiful area with an experienced guide. Paris (from Australia) view more

    Michelle ( United States )

    Macky took me to multiple places around Mt Fuji I would have never know about. Several great views of Mt Fuji from the various stops. He was very kind and informative. I can't imagine how I could have made the day any better! view more

    Noorita ( Japan )

    very punctual, polite and smiling driver. tried his best to speak to us in english even though he struggled. so we made do sometimes with body language. very accommodating too in terms of the changes to our programme. view more