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Kyoto,Nara,Osaka, Kobe, sightseeing with private chartered van with free wifi(1-18pax)

This is a chartered private van for 8 hours and enjoy travelling around Kyoto etc..as your request. You can plan to visit several places in the central Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, etc.. within a limited time with our van. Our van can accommodate a group of up to 18 people and our service is available ... read more

8h $ 490 up to 18 people

Excursion In Hiroshima, Okayama, Kobe, Himeji, Kagawa, Mie, and Lake Biwa

(26) Reviews

This is basically a custom tour. You may go around various popular sightseeing spots. Hiroshima, Okayama, or Mie is covered as well as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka. In principle, this isn't a tour accompanied by lodging. It suits those who want to go around various places and experience different experienc... read more

by Masaki
8h $ 249 up to 8 people

Exploring Ise, Mie

(2) Reviews

Mie is known as a place blessed with the bounties of its mountains and the sea. Rich in nature, history, culture and modern amusement. Ise-Jingu Shrine is an extensive complex of the most sacred shrines in Japan You can see how Mikimoto Kokichi, King of Pearls, succeeded in pearl culturing at Mikimo... read more

8h $ 312 up to 20 people

Ise Jingu Prestigious Shrine

(56) Reviews

Ise Jingu in western Japan is the most venerated Shinto sanctuary of great spiritual and historical significance. It attracts more than 8 million worshippers every year. This sacred shrine consists of 125 shrine centering on the two main sanctuaries: naiku, or inner shrine, and Geku, or outer sh... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 267 up to 30 people

Explore in Iga city - hometown of Ninja

In Feudal era, Iga city was hometown of Ninja - group of Japanese spies hired by feudal lords. In this tour, we will visit Ueno castle, Ninja museum, Basho ( master of 'Haiku' poet) memorial museum, Iga Kumihimo Center and Kyu Suiko-do (samurai school owned by clan). In Ninja Museum, you can exp... read more

by Tetsuya
6:30h $ 178 up to 3 people

Feel shinto and beauty of Ise Shima

Ise Shrine is composed of two major shrines and 125 sub-shrines. In this tour, we will visit two major shrines. One is Geku and the other is Naiku. Geku is the god for harvest and Naiku is the god for peace and tranquility. Naiku is also the head of the gods in Japanese shinto. In Geku, after ... read more

by Tetsuya
6:30h $ 205 up to 4 people

Ise Shrine and Old Town of Ise

In this tour, we will visit the both Geku and Naiku of Ise Shrine and Kawagoe cho (Old town of Ise ). read more

by Tetsuya
6h $ 178 up to 3 people

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