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Kyoto Tour for First Timers

In this tour, you get to see the main attractions in Kyoto. For more than 1000 years, Kyoto was the capital of Japan. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Japan, one you will not be able to experience anywhere else. This tour mainly covers the spots in the northern half of Kyoto, where the most popular... read more

8hs $ 285

Kyoto Half Day Tour

This is a half day tour for people who want to have a quick look at the main attractions. Even though it is a half day tour, you can experience the calm and historical atmosphere of Kyoto. Our guides will take you to the three main sights where you can learn about Kyoto’s long history and culture. read more

4hs $ 142

Kyoto Must see 3 spots

In this tour we cover the must-sees of Kyoto. We will visit Kinkaku-ji shrine (Golden Pavilion), the fabulous looking temple covered with gold. This tour also includes the Fushimi-Inari shrine, which is famous for its long tunnels made of thousands of vermilion colored Torii gates (Senbon-Torii). In... read more

8hs $ 285

Kyoto Night stroll tour

This is a short night tour for after 5pm. Fushimi shrine at night is a hidden attraction with a mysterious atmosphere. You will be able to see the famous gates (Senbon-Torii) lit up. Also, the traditional streets of Gion are a fantastic nighttime walk, with some great architecture lit in a classical... read more

4hs $ 142

Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo forest tour

This tour covers Arashiyama area, the west side of Kyoto. Enjoying the natural beauty is the main attraction here. Stroll along the calm and mysterious bamboo grove, try the delicious specialities like tofu and soba noodles, and enjoy the fascinating view from the Togetsu-kyo bridge.   read more

6hs $ 214

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