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Tony Tony United States ( Friends )
11 months ago

“ Excellent Day With Mana ”

We met Mana at Kyoto Station at 9am at Kyoto Station at the scheduled time, then started a day of touring Kyoto city, which included Bamboo place. Over all we had an excellent day with Mana. She prepared the day well in advanced. She took us to where we agreed to visit, and explained about each place we visited in detail. We also understood a lot more about Japanese culture and how they live their lives. I do recommend Mana as your tour guide. At few times, we did struggle (to some degree) to understand some items from her pronunciations. But perhaps, may be because we are also Asian-American living in USA, and our English speaking is also not perfect either. Perhaps, to other people, this may not be any issue. Other than that, her energy, effort, detail planning, and her help for the day trip are outstanding.


Dear Tony. Thank you for your FIVE STARS review! I was so happy. You must have many good pictures. Kyoto doesn't only have the north and East part but other places too. So next time when you come, we can visit more places in depth.

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