Paul Paul United States ( Family )
11 months ago

“ Kyoto walking tour ”

Kaori walked us,subway’d us, taxi’d us all over Kyoto for 2 days. The first day was ultra crowded as it was a holiday weekend and the fall colors were magnificent, so it was a tourist delight, with masses of people. But Kaori knew her way around! And her English is superb! Kaori has a way with understanding how much or how little her clients wanted to do, or where she’d find us taking pictures! I highly recommend Kaori as a tour guide...she will not disappoint!


Hi! Paul :) Thank you for your great comment! We were planning this since a year ago! So I was looking forward to meet you such long time! We walk very much but you all are very tough and enjoyable to share time together! I’m glad you enjoyed Japanese autumn :) Kaori


Osaka Beginner`s Tour

(101) คำวิจารณ์
by Kaori
-The most popular spot Osaka Castle and river cruise.-Nostalgic town ‘Shinsekai’ soul food Kushikatu and Doteyaki lunch.-Feel the vibrant city Osaka! Doton...
8 Hours THB 9,533 ตั้งแต่ 4 people

Explore! Discover! Osaka No.1 shopping district Tenjinbashi ...

(101) คำวิจารณ์
by Kaori
-Tour around Tenjinbashi which is the longest shopping arcade street in Japan 2.6km long! -Visit Osaka Museumof housing and living. Reappearance of Osaka ...
5 Hours THB 7,586 ตั้งแต่ 7 people

You are the LAST SAMURAI!

(101) คำวิจารณ์
by Kaori
LAST SAMURAI trails with real authentic Japanese sword!! Not only you can take part in  a real target blade-testing (goza-kiri) experience with an authe...
4 Hours THB 6,068 per person